Measure your online ROI in six simple steps

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Step 1: Define conversion goals
Before you can calculate the ROI (Return On Investment) of your online activities you need to define your online conversion goals.

Conversion goals are the “most wanted actions” that you would like your website visitors to perform. The types of action that directly…

When good corporate habits turn really bad

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As consultants helping premium brands design and implement new digital strategies, we ask a lot of questions. Often we also challenge established habits.

In this blog post I will give you four examples of good old habits of high-end brands that have turned into bad habits in an onlin…

25 simple tactics to maximize reach of your great content

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You have already discovered that pushy sales copy on your website is becoming less effective at attracting visitors and converting them into customers. As a consequence you have asked your staff to spend more time on content marketing.

Recently one of your bright employees published an informativ…

Dashboard 55 – Gender Insights Dashboard

Purpose of this Google Analytics dashboard
This dashboard takes advantages of the recently introduced Google Analytics demographics and interests data.

Demographics and interests data gives you a strong hint about genders, age groups and interests of your website visitors.

The data provided by Google Analytics is not 100% accurate or complete, but the information is nevertheless highly…

Dashboard 17 – addwish E-commerce Tracking

The free online wish list plugin from is quickly gaining traction with online retailers. Use this GA dashboard to track addwish sales.

Dashboard 21 – Single Page X-Ray Dashboard

Track and improve the performance of your most profitable webpages. Use this free Google Analytics dashboard to x-ray a single webpage.

Crucial Keyword Research in 6 Easy Steps – Start today

Get the foundation in place before you start building our SEO or SEM campaigns. Read our 6-step guide to intelligent and effective keyword analysis.

Find the Right Responsive WordPress Theme


Read why your next WordPress theme should be responsive and why you should go premium. Get 15 valuable links to great responsive WordPress themes.

How to improve your AdWords Quality Score

How to improve your AdWords quality score

If you don’t understand how the Google AdWords Quality Score works, then your AdWords campaigns will inevitably fail.

Read why the quality score has a significant impact on your cost per AdWords conversion and learn how to outsmart your competitors in the race for the most profitable ad positions.

Dashboard 41 – SEO dashboard for online retailers

Google Analytics SEO dashboard for online retailers

This dashboard is really helpful if you’re running an online store and want to measure and optimize your SEO efforts.

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