Online store

Dashboard 17 – addwish E-commerce Tracking

The free online wish list plugin from is quickly gaining traction with online retailers. Use this GA dashboard to track addwish sales.

Dashboard 41 – SEO dashboard for online retailers

Google Analytics SEO dashboard for online retailers

This dashboard is really helpful if you’re running an online store and want to measure and optimize your SEO efforts.

Dashboard 12 – AdWords Brand vs Non-Brand

Are you being fooled by averages? See the real truth about your AdWords campaigns.

This dashboard is a “must-have” for online store owners who run AdWords campaigns and use their own brand/product names as trigger words.

Mobile vs Non-mobile Dashboard

Dashboard 11 – Sales Cockpit

Sales cockpit dashboard

Are you selling your goods or services online? Use this Google Analytics “online retailer” dashboard to keep track of how your business performs.

Dashboard 10 – AdWords performance

AdWords performance dashboard

This dashboard contains 10 widgets that allow you to quickly assess the success or failure of your AdWords campaigns.

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