Dashboard 17 – addwish E-commerce Tracking

Dashboard 17 – addwish E-commerce Tracking

This Google Analytics dashboard is perfect for

This “Sales cockpit” answers following questions:

  • How many gift buyers click on the wishlist links?
  • When do people buy gifts?
  • How well does the addwish traffic convert?
  • How much revenue has addwish generated?
  • What products are most popular as gifts?
  • Where do the gift buyers live?

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Description of dashboard widgets

17.01 Visitors addwish

This widget shows the total amount of visitors from the addwish website. The figure will usually peak around 1st of december and just after christmas, when people come back to buy the presents that they didn't get on Christmas Eve. Depending on your geographical location there will also be higher figures during wedding season (which in Northern Europe would be May through September).

The widget settings can be seen below.

17.01 Visitors addwish Settings

17.02 Product Revenue addwish

This widget shows the total product revenue generated by gift buyers arriving to your store from the addwish website.

See the widget settings below.

17.02 Product Revenue addwish Settings

17.03 Conversion Rate addwish

This widget shows how large a percentage of the visitors from the addwish website that place an order at your website.

In peak season your addwish conversion rates will usually be 2-3 times higher than your average conversion rate of all traffic sources.

See full widget settings below.

17.03 Conversion Rate addwish Settings

17.04 Conversion Rate other

This widget shows the average e-commerce conversion rate of NON-addwish traffic.

17.04 Conversion Rate other Settings

17.05 Product Revenue addwish map

This map widget shows the geographical location of the gift buyers and the resulting product revenue.

Your addwish traffic will usually display a higher than average number of people that shop from abroad (as online shopping is an easy way of buying presents for distant friends and relatives).

17.05 Product Revenue addwish map Settings

17.06 Popular Product addwish

Looking at this widget you can see which products that people buy as presents.

Traffic from addwish is dominated by customers not buying products for their own use.

17.06 Popular Product addwish Settings

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This dashboard for tracking conversions from online wishlists is brought to you by Troels Kjems, a danish e-commerce consultant.

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