Dashboard 55 – Gender Insights Dashboard

Dashboard 55 – Gender Insights Dashboard

Purpose of this Google Analytics dashboard

This dashboard takes advantages of the recently introduced Google Analytics demographics and interests data.

Demographics and interests data gives you a strong hint about genders, age groups and interests of your website visitors.

The data provided by Google Analytics is not 100% accurate or complete, but the information is nevertheless highly valuable when you have to decide what new content to produce or how to allocate your marketing budget.

Before using this dashboard you must

This GA dashboard answers following questions:

  • Are your website visitors male or female?
  • What types of content attract which genders?
  • Are your male or female visitors most valuable?
  • How old are your male and female visitors?

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Description of dashboard widgets

Widget 55.1

This widget displays the total number of website users during the selected period.

Widget 55.2

This widget shows that amount of users that are included in data set used for the other widgets in this dashboard.

Google does not gather demographics and interests data for all users on your website, therefore the number in this widget will always be lower than the total number of users.

Widget 55.3

Widget 55.7

These widgets take the aggregated conversion value (from the conversions that you have set up as conversion goals in Google Analytics) and divides the value by the respective amounts of female and male users.

The widgets indicate which gender that – on average – is most valuable for you based on conversions on your website.

Widget 55.4

Widget 55.8

This widget shows which traffic sources that bring female and male visitors to your website, and the average value of each visitor (based on goal values from the conversion goals that you have set up in GA).

Widget 55.5

Widget 55.9

How old are your female and male users? And what is the average value of a visitor from each gender/age group combination?

Widget 55.6

Widget 55.10

This widget can help you understand what types of content that each gender prefers.

You should however remember that these data can be heavily biased. If you promote a specific piece of content on a marketing channel that has a majority of male or female users, then it will obviously show here.

Widget 55.11

This widget shows the split between male and female users.

It will apparently take another while before gender equality is reached within the web analytics industry…

Widget 55.12

This widget shows the split between age groups and male/female users.

We have more dashboards using the new Google Analytics demographics and interests data coming up. Right now we are working on a demographics/interests report for online retailers.

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  • About the author

This Gender Insight dashboard was designed by Troels Kjems, senior consultant at Think! Digital, a leading digital strategy consultancy based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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